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Our Services

Offering a wide range of virtual assisting roles for the medical industry

We Are Focused On Making Your Process A Success

Queen's English

English is the official language of Zimbabwe. This eliminates any language barriers between your outsourced virtual team and your organization and customers.

University educated

All virtual team members are highly educated with advanced degrees in every major area of the business and healthcare industries.

Save up to 70%

Your new virtual team members will allow you the opportunity to reduce your payroll costs by up to 70%, giving you the opportunity to expand your business.

No contact obligations

We provide short or long term service without the stress of a lengthy contract. All that is needed is a 30-day notice to end our service to you.

Dedicated Employees

Your outsourced team members work solely for you and are directed by you. They do not work for any other businesses.

Same working hours

Your outsourced team members will work on the same hourly schedule as you.

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