Making a global impact through Outsourcing

My partner and I are active Christians who are kingdom-minded. We created this business to put people back to work who were well-skilled and want to provide for their families. As we formulated a plan, we decided that this organization could also be a ministry for us To make a positive impact in the world. At that point we decided to give 51% of all profits to Christian ministries and signed an agreement stating such. Now, God is using us to make a global impact around the world.  


Win, Win, Win 

I like to think about our business as a Win, Win, Win. 

First, it’s a Win for you as a business. We provide employees to you with substantial savings so you can grow your business. 

Second, it’s a Win for the people of Zimbabwe. As mentioned earlier, Zimbabwe is in an unemployment crisis. In such economic environments, one person having a job means the ability to feed a family or four, or six, or even an extended family. Providing this opportunity brings joy to our clients. In fact, they ask us all the time: “Hey, could you have somebody take a good picture of our employee? We want to put it in our office. They work for us, and they are part of the family.” You can participate in life impacts like this as well. 

Third, it’s a win for Christian ministries around the world. Over the years, I’ve participated in overseas ministries. One of which is caring for Haiti’s people in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake. Since that time, I have made 20+ trips to that country. On one of those trips a few years back, I remember thinking, “You know what, I just need to sell everything, move down to Haiti, and make an impact.” I have plenty of people who can come down here and live, but I need someone to be a funnel to pass financial resources through.” 

From that point forward, that became a mission in my life. One of the many success stories I have is contributing to an orphanage in Haiti and assisting kids to go to a university or technical school after leaving the orphanage. One of the children, Judnel, has grown and is now going to medical school to be a doctor back in Haiti. I know that Judnel is going to make a huge difference in his country, and I am proud to say that God used me to play a small part in that. 


Some Positive Impact Stories 

One of the ministries we support (I also serve on their board) is Global Impact ( This is a non-profit/501c3 who actively invests in the people of Zimbabwe, the community, and people worldwide. During the recent pandemic, we were able to feed 322 broken families in the community of Epworth. These families are mostly headed by single women, who have been left with disabled children to care for without any government or social support programs. The children range from babies to young teens, with some reaching into their twenties. These families were out of food and in desperate need of assistance. We stepped in to make a difference. 


We have a consulting firm in the Northwest who took a personal visit to Zimbabwe with four members from their team. My wife and I were able to show them the beauty of Africa and allow them to see their employees in action first-hand. They also visited the community of Epworth. While there, they saw the hope given to these desperate families, and it made a marked difference in all of their lives. And, while they had always been invested in their two employees, they came away even more committed, knowing that their money was impacting not just their employees, but also people like the families of Epworth. 

One of our clients has an extensive dental practice in Fort Worth, Texas. They have Melody on their team, who works for them in Harare. Every time I head to Africa, they ask me, “Hey, we want to send a care package to Melody, some goodies from our office and handwritten notes and cards.” I feel like a pack mule, but I haul it over there and deliver because doing so makes the team in Fort Worth feel happy and joyful. And as for Melody? You can’t imagine the smile on her face when she feels the love they send. 


The Takeaway 

We often hear from business owners, “I’m serving my community. But what kind of impact am I making in the world?” In response, we tell them, “We have the perfect opportunity to do 48 just that. Not only will you be saving money and growing your business, but you will also be helping a needy family in dire circumstances AND, a good portion of what you are paying to us is going to assist people worldwide. It doesn’t get better than that.” This is why we do what we do. We can talk all day about what we do and why we do it, but I think the most important thing is why we do it. We want to bless you, bless the men and women in Zimbabwe, and bless ministries around the world. That’s why we do what we do.