Getting the most with Outsourcing

What Must You Do? 

We provide courses to prepare your new employee for specific functions they will be performing for you. However, it is important to note up front that the future success of your new employee will rise and fall according to the training you give them. Of course, the amount of training varies according to each job position. But, if you commit to allowing someone on your team to provide continuous direction and instruction to your new employee over the first several weeks, you will see amazing results. Your new employee will acclimate to the team quicker, have more confidence, and learn new things faster. This always leads to long term success. Also, it is proven that crucial to morale, stress level, and personal health is the ability to take time off from your job. We realize this, so we allow your employee one day of paid time off every month they work. You are responsible for this accrued leave, just like any of your other employees, which is part of your flat rate fee. We also ask you to give them the same holidays as your company takes now. Typically, these include Easter/Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, one or two days for Thanksgiving, and one or two days at Christmas. The holiday schedule should follow the same as offered in your company policy. 


What Will We Do? 

We provide systems to help monitor your employees. Each person clocks in and out on a biometric system. This information is available to any client who requests a copy. Another means of monitoring is through Time Doctor. For an extra $15 per month, you can get a monthly, daily, hourly, or even a real-time report of your employee’s work. This report will show things as, what your employee did that day, how much time they spent on different projects, which websites they had open, and what programs were used (Excel, Word, Adobe, etc.) The most important thing we provide for you is an Account Resource Manager (A.R.M.). This is the “go-to” person for you and your employee. This person is assigned to no more than 25 team members and will assist you in managing and caring for your employee. If your employee is having a problem with any aspect of their work, your A.R.M. will assist you in getting the problem resolved quickly and efficiently. You can also use your A.R.M. to check in on your employee if you sense something might be amiss. The A.R.M. will then give you vital feedback to help keep them on track. 


What if an Employee Doesn’t Work Out? 

We have had a few occasions where the client and the employee relationship do not align. The client might not have liked the quality of work produced, how they communicated with their customers, or the employee simply didn’t fit the client’s office culture. While that has rarely occurred, our process of moving on is quick and straightforward. We handle the release of your current employee, which is much less painful for you than doing it in person. (If you are like me, that is the hardest (and worst) part of being a business owner.) Our Human Resource department then begins immediately interviewing other candidates to find you a new employee. Within one to two weeks, you are up and running again. Think of how much easier that is than starting all over from square one and doing it all yourself.


The Takeaway 

Training, accountability, onsite assistance through your A.R.M., and paid time off are just a few of the many things that will make your new employee successful. During you and your employee’s time together, we will make every effort to assist you in making the relationship successful. And in case it doesn’t work out, we handle that for you.