Outsourcing Medical Insurance Verification

Medical insurance verification is one of the most important things for any medical practice. While employing new software can improve the practice workflow, there is always a need for the human element to improve the patient experience.

As the number of insurance companies and beneficiaries keep increasing, it is necessary to have an up-to-date system and capable personnel to manage this system. Inadequate coverage by an insurance plan, errors in filing and information security are among the many problems faced when insurance policies are not verified before a procedure.

Outsourcing medical insurance verification comes with a number of benefits.

Why More Doctors are Outsourcing Medical Insurance Verification

Medical Insurance verification

Reduce administrative duties

Medical insurance verification comes with a lot of paperwork and hours of calls between you and the various insurance companies. However, with a good outsourcing company, all this is left to the virtual insurance verification team giving you more time to focus on your patients and improve the efficiency of your medical practice.

Additionally, some virtual outsourcing companies offer virtual teams that only work on your practice (40 hrs/week), removing the hassle of talking to different people all the time you need to communicate with your insourced team member.

Ensure that patients are eligible for the procedure they need.

When verified, you are able to know exactly how much coverage a patient has. This ensures that there are no arrears when you submit your claim.

Medical insurance verification aims to protect doctors from denied claims.

Get better cash flow and reduce operation costs

Insurance Claim Accounting

Outsourcing results in faster claims filing and pay-outs.

You can start outsourcing medical insurance verification at a monthly flat rate which means regardless of how long it takes to process claims with various insurers there are no extra charges.

Enhanced security

One thing to point out is that when outsourcing medical insurance verification, your outsourcing partner needs to have robust cybersecurity measures in place in order to keep your patient data secure.

The biggest concern for any medical practitioner is keeping patient data protected and private always.


Outsourcing companies have skilled personnel and are equipped with the necessary software and hardware to easily integrate with your current team and perform tasks seamlessly.

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