5 Keys to Virtual Team Success


Many companies and employees alike are reaping the benefits of non-traditional workforces. More and more forward-thinking practices are hiring remote workers and are benefitting from more efficient teams. Remote working has become something of a norm, with that in mind we look at a few ways you can make this new effective trend work for you.

1. Your Cultural Differences Make you unique.

Cultural differences between team members can often lead to confusion. Team members respond differently to different approaches and conduct. What is standard business etiquette to you may not be the case for your colleague. In this regard, it is advisable to have an open-minded approach to how you handle your team members and even clients. Acknowledge and respect the differences that make your team unique and find a middle ground where you can all be comfortable.

2. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

A lot of problems go unattended due to the fact that team members feel limited to the number of things they can openly talk about. Allow or facilitate communication in various forms, such as video chats and phone calls. Consider check-ins that are not entirely about work. This will ensure that your team is in a good space as they can communicate openly always.

3. Keep up-to-date Technology

Technology plays a huge role in ensuring that your team is efficient. Collaboration and workflow is better enhanced within a team when the technology used to work is top-notch and effective.

4. Compromise

The differences that make your team unique can also be the reason your team clashes. Personal issues, different tasks, and expectations will have your team operating at different stress levels. With this in mind be patient and willing to treat each team with the unique exceptions they need.


Virtual teams when well handled make for a far more efficient addition to your practice at a fraction of having a physical team member on the premises. Like any addition, proper understanding and management of virtual team members is needed to elevate your practice.

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