Content Marketing for Doctors

Content marketing for the healthcare industry works the same way as other industries, to inform, educated and engage. Patients have options when it comes to healthcare providers and the question is, How can you make your practice the go-to for new patients?

Here’s how you can use content marketing for doctors:

1. Be diverse

It is always advisable to be as diverse as you can. Use a variety of approaches when distributing your content. Blogging, guest blogging, infographics are great for diversity.

2. Make use of social media

Link your main website to social media platforms to make your practice easier to find. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Yelp have become go-to places for any consumer.

Engagements with your patients is made easier. Getting reviews and managing queries can now be done with a mouse and keyboard.

3. Make your content in-depth

As the trends in online marketing change, your website needs to adapt. Some studies claim that 1000 words aren’t enough to give a website a higher rating.

To fix this consider uploading content with a word count ranging between 1.600 to 3.000. This will make sure that your website will have a better ranking and be viewed by your target audience.

4. Be part of the conversation

Always take part in online conversations that are about your brand or that affect it in any way. Respond to comments and questions asked on your blogs and on your social media.

5. Double-check before publishing

There is no such thing as a perfect writer. That is why you need to check every piece of content before and after it has gone on your website. You do not want to have a website that is filled with mistakes as this kills confidence from your patients. Invest in a good writer or have your website managed by professionals at an affordable rate

6. Call to action

Bridge the gap between marketing and conversation. Make sure your call to action is made very clear in any material that is on your site. This helps patients make a decision on where to click and why. Make your call to action buttons clear and visible. Optimize your website to get the best user experience.

7. Don’t Plagiarize

This is the most important rule in any content-based marketing strategy. Make sure everything that goes on your website is authentic. Plagiarism is the fastest way to lose credibility so avoid it.

8. Make your website human

Don’t make your patients feel like they are reading a medical textbook. Give content your website a human voice and personality to it. Use of different tones. Add humor, sarcasm and current real-life examples to make your website relatable.

9. Keep it simple

To get and keep traffic high on your website is to simplify the content you upload. Complex terms and winding sentences do not make for a pleasant browsing experience. Keep the content you put up simple. The same applies to images and links, keep them relevant and current.

10. Avoid Copyrighted Images

Invest in image stores that give you access to tens of thousands of images that aren’t copyrighted. Pixabay, Adobe Stock, Pxhere, etc have a host of free images. Avoid Google images all these will do is put you and your practice in legal danger.

Content marketing for doctors can be the differentiating factor when it comes to new patient traffic. In order to attract new patients, your practice has to be discoverable online and should be able to add vale to people.

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