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Medical Billing and Claims

Cash flow Insomnia: How insourcing Helps You Sleep Better

To run a successful practice you need to make sure you have adequate cash returns and that your books are up to date. In the current climate […]

5 Keys to Virtual Team Success

Many companies and employees alike are reaping the benefits of non-traditional workforces. More and more forward-thinking practices are hiring remote workers and are benefitting from more efficient […]

Is Your Practice Ready To Bounce Back?

Public health experts are slowly relaxing restrictions. This is now making it possible for strategically open practices and allow doctors to see patients. At this point, you […]

Medical marketing

Medical Marketing Techniques You Need To Put In Place Now

We are in a new era of practicing. With the Covid-19 pandemic here, doctors need to revisit their marketing strategies and adapt to the change in times. […]

Medical Billing and Claims

Medical Billing and Claims Made Simple

Medical billing, as any practice owner will tell you, is the most important part of running your practice. As healthcare systems have been changed and improved over […]

Content marketing for Doctors

Content Marketing for Doctors

Content marketing for the healthcare industry works the same way as other industries, to inform, educated and engage. Patients have options when it comes to healthcare providers […]

Healthcare marketing challenges

Healthcare Marketing Challenges and How To Solve Them

The medical field faces a host of unique marketing challenges. Key among them is competition, ever-changing policies and trends. These coupled with the new marketing trends make […]

Online visibility check

Have You Ever “Googled” Your Practice? Improve Online Visibility

Chances are if your answer to our heading is yes you have gotten surprising results. This shows you how much people rely on the internet for, well, […]

Doctor and patient

Outsourcing Medical Insurance Verification

Medical insurance verification is one of the most important things for any medical practice. While employing new software can improve the practice workflow, there is always a […]

Distracted From Success

We are inundated with interruptions “disguised as opportunities” every day. They keep us distracted from that “ONE THING” or the “BIG GOAL” we are looking to conquer! […]

More Time

More time is what we all desire as Managers, Business owners, CEO’s and entrepreneurs. The use of Virtual Teams (VT) and Outsourcing is one of the most […]

From Dream Team To Reality

Ready, Set… We often need help like yesterday, but the “traditional” time from job outline to onboarding can be a time consuming and arduous task for even […]