Patient reviews and why your practice needs them

A review is when a person gives positive or negative feedback about an experience, they encountered either at a business, when they used a product or a service. In the medical field a patient review is feedback about a patient’s experience at your practice and how they felt throughout all the procedures. Some patients solely base their decision to visit your practice by experiences from other people that is why patient reviews are important.  Your practice can benefit from patient review and here is how:


Customers’ trust in you grows.

Positive patient reviews build patient loyalty in existing patients and they increase confidence in new patients. When a new patient sees a positive review, they are likely to trust the work that you do even though they have never been at your office. Another person’s positive experience is enough to encourage a new patient to try your service. Positive patient reviews bring credibility to your practice.


Compliment your digital marketing efforts

Every time a patient leaves a review, whether positive or negative, it is likely to include words that are relevant to your practice. Search engines pick up such words, which improves the rating on the Google search results page. Reviews also assist to increase the click through rate, or the percentage of patients who visit your website after reading a review. If the review is excellent, a person is likely to investigate what is so great about the company.


Advertising at no cost

In terms of advertising, positive reviews work in your favor. Positive patient reviews increase brand awareness for your practice. If good things are said about your practice, there is a possibility that whoever reads the reviews becomes aware of your practice and will recommend their friends and family and that is free advertising for your practice. Nothing, it is believed, impacts people more than a suggestion from a reliable source.


Assists you in improving your practice

Not all patient reviews are good. Negative patient reviews provide helpful feedback and recommendations on how to enhance your service. A patient may have felt they waited too long or the receptionist was not as nice as to them. This will help you improve so that the next time the individual visits your clinic, they will see the changes.


More reviews lead to more reviews

People like following the crowd. Patients will be compelled to submit a review if they see other patients’ reviews. This implies you’ll get more reviews, which will improve the goodwill of your practice. More patient reviews, especially positive patient reviews, will lead to more patients visiting your practice.


The above benefits show why patient reviews are important to your practice. Next time your practice gets a visit from a patient, ask them if they’ve already left a review. If not, they can take some time off their busy schedule to say something about their experience at your practice.


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