Is your practice staff overwhelmed?

In order to have a well-functioning practice, you need to make sure your staff is working at their very best. This means making sure they are not taking on more tasks than they can possibly handle. when your team is working at its optimum and not being overloaded with tasks they are in a better position to produce better results in their tasks and improve your practice productivity. The question then arises, how do you know when your team is overwhelmed? and when you have seen the signs how do you fix it so that you have a happy team and an efficient practice?

Their quietness is deafening

An employee that is overwhelmed does not engage with others and is always focused on their task. They do not participate in office dialogues and do not express or challenge new ideas. They form a cocoon and segregate themselves from the rest of the staff. A deafening silence might indicate that your employee is overwhelmed. How can you fix this? Identify tasks that can be delegated to interns or even outsourced. When you have done this create time outs where your team can rest, take a call, ask for help or simply shut down to recharge and gain a new perspective of their tasks.

Unnecessary mistakes become common. 

Mistakes happen but when your team members now make more of them even with the simplest of tasks then they are likely overwhelmed. Pressure to finish all their tasks and meet deadlines leads to staff who don’t perfect their work. An overwhelmed employee is only concerned with getting the job done and this decreases the quality of their work. Mistakes by your staff cost your practice and they will damage your practice’s reputation. How to fix this? Create targets that each team member can aim for in their working week. This gives your team members a sense of achievement when they achieve this target and motivates them to give more to their work.


Absenteeism occurs when an employee fails to show up for work for no apparent reason. Some describe it as when an employee misses work for whatever reason. Absenteeism is an indication that your employee is stressed since they may not show up because they need to rest or are afraid of the strain at work. Absenteeism means that the rate at which your practice is expected to expand is slowed since some of your employees are frequently missing. How to fix this? We would recommend taking on an extra hand in the form of virtual assistants. This means your team members get the help they need and you save a tonne in expenses.

 Revealing statements

When an employee feels stressed, they frequently sigh or say things like, “I can’t wait to get home.” These remarks may be made subconsciously, or they may be a warning sign that the employee has too much work on their plate and is struggling to keep up. Take note of these remarks and look into why the employee is saying them. Your employee may be trying to communicate with you that they are swamped.

Physical signs of stress

An overwhelmed employee begins to exhibit physical indications of stress, such as weight loss, weight increase due to stress-eating, or a change in the way an employee sits. These physical indicators of stress may cause health problems for your staff, resulting in low productivity and a negative impact on the growth of your practice.

It is necessary to make sure that your staff is given the appropriate amount of work. It is critical to understand whether your team is overwhelmed since overwhelmed employees may quit your practice, which means you will incur the expense of hiring another employee who may not be as excellent as the one who departed. Programs such as team building activities help your employees refresh outside work. It is important to make sure you give your employees the right amount of work.

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