Getting a new team member with Outsourcing

Where Do I begin? 

The first step is to let us know what type of employee you are looking to hire. You can do this either by going to our website and filling out the job matrix or sending us your job description. We will then give you a call to learn more about your company and discover any special requirements we should be aware of when we begin our search. Once we have found the top three or four candidates, we set up a ZOOM interview according to your schedule. During the interview, you will meet the candidates face to face and speak to them about their qualifications and experience level. This interview usually lasts between thirty to sixty minutes, but you may take as long as you need to ensure you get the right person. Once you find a candidate you want to hire, we will finalize their salary with you and begin the onboarding process. Then, in five to seven days, your new employee will be working for you. 


What Do You Provide? 

We provide basic workstations with a PC that meets all of the basic specifications for most positions. We also make special provisions for any position that may need to utilize and manipulate large data files such as animation and graphic design. A few clients have requested higher level P.C.s with exact specifications, which we can source locally in Harare. A few have even asked if they could send over their own laptops or P.C. s, which is a request we happily assist with. Once the computers are shipped over, they can then also be maintained by our I.T. team for a small fee. 

It’s the same with telephone and communication systems. Many of our clients in the medical and insurance industry ship their VoIP phones over to our facility. Once we receive them, we plug that phone into the client’s VoIP system, which allows them to contact their employee by simply picking up their phone and dialing an extension. We can also provide a desktop phone extension to plug into the desk modules, which can be bought locally in Zimbabwe. Many of our clients also communicate solely through new systems 32 such as RingCentral™ , Zoom, and WhatsApp. Also, for security and connectivity, we provide redundancy on our fiber internet connections, should an unforeseen problem occur with one of our providers. 


What Will This Cost Me and How Can I Pay? 

Once you hire your employee, you will pay a one time onboarding fee of 50% of their salary to get them started. From then on, you will be billed a flat-rate monthly fee. Since your new employee is considered a contract employee, your monthly payment is paid directly to us. This gives you the added savings of no payroll taxes or insurance costs. As far as the actual payment process is concerned, you can pay via A.C.H. direct bank wire, check or credit card. 


How Many Employees Am I Required to Hire? 

Often outsourcing companies that offer similar services as ours require a minimum of five to ten team members to begin. Then, as you grow, you are up charged as you scale from there. With us, there is no upper or lower limit to the number of employees you can hire, and there is no upcharge as you add more. You can choose to hire one, or two hundred and still pay the same per employee. 


How Long Can an Employee Work for Me? 

We provide all our clients with a 30-day service agreement. From that point on, everything is on a 30-day rolling, auto renewing service agreement. You can hire someone for one month, or you can have them for the next twenty years. 


How Do You Vet Your Prospects? 

We go through all applicable resumes to see who has the best matching skill sets. Once those candidates are selected, we initiate a preliminary, internal interview with our H.R. department. This allows us to determine how the candidates present themselves, how well they communicate, and how well they know their subject matter. Once this is complete, we then run a criminal background check on the candidates who pass this first round. If everything comes back clear, we set up a Zoom interview between them and you. If the candidate meets your needs, you can then hire them. If not, we will keep looking for you until we find someone who does. 


Are There Any Taxes and Paperwork Involved? 

With us, you are contracting a “leased employee” through our Texas-based L.L.C. Because of this, there are no taxes involved. Beyond the initial signed agreement, all you have to do is send us a 34 1099 form for your employee’s wages. You don’t have to fill out I9’s, W3s, W3s, or W4s over the course of the year. It’s painless. 


We Do the Work with No Obligation Required. 

We understand that your time is valuable, so we work hard to get a new team member for you quickly and easily. We will search for an employee, vet them, set up an interview, and then do all the onboarding to get them set up to begin working for you. And the best part of all of this? The up-front work doesn’t cost you anything. No agreements are signed until you are ready to hire your new team member. So, in essence, we do all the legwork to find you a great employee for free. Why? Because we firmly believe that nine times out of ten, we will locate an employee that is perfect for you. And when we do, you will hire them. The key is to move forward and just get started. If it’s not right for you, there’s no obligation. You give us your requirements, go through the process, do the video interview and see what happens. If you are not pleased, you can walk away without paying a thing. So, what have you got to lose? 


Key Takeaway 

Finding and hiring a new employee doesn’t have to be an arduous process. Send us your requirements, and we will take care of everything for you. You can then focus on the things in your business that need your attention.