A solution to your staffing problems

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a process that allows you to bring on full-time, remote working employees who work for you and no one else. Once hired, they are turned over to you to train and manage. Through the miracle of technology, these employees fully integrate within your team and become valuable members of your staff. They work the same hours, attend the same meetings, work on the same projects as your in-house staff, and have the same education. The only difference is that they are not physically in your office space or building but, with the fast connectivity of technology today, they might as well be.


Remote Working Becomes Real

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies decided to allow their employees to work from home. After all, they still needed to have their scheduling, accounting, marketing, websites, customer care and other necessities continue. During that process, many discovered that remote workers perform quite well and offer a variety of cost savings. But, even with this knowledge, the question remained. Should we, as a company, really consider moving toward remote workers as a future strategy?


Key to Moving Forward? A New Mindset

It’s important to note that as you think about bringing on remote employees to your team, you need to develop a new mindset. If you’re at all like me, you’re probably a control freak. I say this because, in the past, I needed to know what everybody was doing all the time. I wanted my employees to be close to me, so I could walk by their desks and see if they were doing what they were supposed to be doing. However, the anxiety and stress of keeping up with everyone was driving me crazy. Eventually, I realized I had control issues.

Over time, I began to change my mindset. As an employer, I realized I should be focused on the productivity levels of my employees, not what they were doing every moment of the day. So, I began to ask myself, are they completing their tasks? Are they meeting the standards I demand? Are they often going above and beyond what I ask? If they are, in the end, that was all that truly mattered. I didn’t need to micromanage after all. Once I had adopted this mindset, it didn’t matter if my employees were in my office or another country. All that mattered was the work getting done. I became happier and healthier, my employees became happy and healthier, and my business began to grow. With this new mindset, I was now primed and ready to succeed in the new reality of remote working.


The Takeaway

Outsourced employees are of great value and can produce results equal to onsite staff. However, this realization requires a change in how businesses look at their employees. They need to recognize that having everyone under the same roof is unnecessary, while also understanding that remote working through outsourcing is a viable and necessary alternative for the future!